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彩神8快3下载 is a global company based in Varna, Bulgaria since July, 2016.

We act as intermediaries, brokers, between buyer and several suppliers worldwide always looking for the best gold selling companies for our clients.

彩神8快3下载 has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in all functional and operational areas of the company, distributed in all countries in which we operate.

The customer has 2 options for paying your gold.

The first one is the usual one with the PAY NOW button where the customer will be redirected to a purchasing form which you will need to complete and within 48 to 72 hours our customer service department will be consulting our several suppliers to meet our customer's demand, indicating our banking details for the upcoming payment of the gold and the time of delivery.

Correct. The customer will be charged, besides the price reflected on the website, with a 12% fee plus shipping costs which will always be charged to the customer. To check the shipping costs for your particular case you can do it by emailing

The customers using this payment system buy their gold in installments, without interest.

They perform a corresponding payment as a reserve with a deposit now, then recommends our products to a total of 6 customers choosing the same plan you have chosen and once completed recommendation cycle customers may receive their DISCOUNT and gold.

After you have your BUDDY PLAN opened for 12 months, if you have not done any promotion nor gathered the amount of necessary referred people overcome then your gold will expire but having the option of paying the remaining amount of the plan of choice - this is, the amount that remains between your down payment and the final reserve - with MONEY within the next forty (40) after the 12 months period is over.

By an user name and a password that 彩神8快3下载 will provide via e-mail upon your signing-up into our system, in your user area you will have a space available to manage all your personal and account information with 彩神8快3下载.

The customer after 12 months, assuming that have not made its referral promotion and doesn't have his six (6) referred people, will be able to pay the difference between the down payment and final gold reserve, thus receiving the quantity reserved WITHOUT NEVER LOSING THE INITIAL PAYMENT TO THE ACCOUNT.

In this case applies a fee for gold direct purchase of 12% plus 12.5% of discount applied to the Sponsor; a 24.5% overall.

In case you desire to cancel your transaction, this has to be requested within the next fourteen (14) natural days after the payment.

If the payment was performed via credit card through our electronic payment platform KLIK & PAY, then their policy consist in reimbursing the funds within the next twenty (20) business days following the transaction cancelation to the same credit card account from where the payment was made firstly.

At this point, the reimburse process is out of 彩神8快3下载's and delivery times are not responsibility of 彩神8快3下载. Note that the reimbursements could take longer than 20 business days to be reflected on your statements due to the difference in days between the actual reimbursement and credit card bill cycles.

On the other hand, if the client wishes to cancel their transaction performed via bank wire transfer, the reimbursement shall be made to the same bank account from which the payment originally came.

It is possible that the Customer Service Department of 彩神8快3下载 ask for certain necessary information to the customer who is requesting reimbursement via email.

Given the case any customer already paid any buddy plan used to close any other customer buddy plan, NO AMOUNT REFUNDED WHAT SO EVER within 14 days after payment due to absence of earnings by the company , also and maybe including possible administrative expenses led to this situation.

Shipping expenses will always be charged to the customers.

In case you need to check shipping expenses please email

First of all, every customer must be older than eighteen (18) years.

Once have access to your user area, the customer must go to the documentation section and upload in the correct categories the following documents for approval and account activation:

You must send A COLOR copy of your valid Passport or valid National Identity Document (DNI).

Your photograph must be perfectly visible.

You must send a copy of a receipt or utility bill to confirm your current residence address and full name.

For example electricity, water, telephone, cellular, cable, gas, etc...

These bills should not be older than thirty (30) days from the day the customer have paid our products and/or plans, nor can be handwritten receipts. For security matters, the documents must be SCANNED and uploaded in PDF format.

No photographed documents, Microsoft Word documents, nor other unauthorized and unsecure formats will be accepted.

Documents must be uploaded into the correct document categories.

All document that does not meet at least one (1) of the above criteria will be automatically rejected and removed from the system.

If the customer fails to comply with the delivery of the documents within fourteen (14) days following the sign-up and the payment, the account may be disabled permanently and losing the right to request any refund what so ever. Also, 彩神8快3下载 BUDDY PLANS are not transferable under any circumstances or situation.

In that case have fourteen (14) days to review it and re-send it to the company which sent the product at first instance.

彩神8快3下载 company gives a 6% commission over the purchase amount that the customers performs directly in our website.

FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS BROUGHT THIS CUSTOMER to perceive this commission please contact

(Minimum purchase amount 1000 Euros)

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